Two Very Versatile Apples

The Yellow Transparent is an old Russian apple first brought to the U.S. in order to withstand the harsh winters of the midwest. They became a fast favorite in New England, too, where they (ironically) also thrived under hot and humid conditions. They’re beloved for their complex flavor and a smooth texture that lends itself to apple sauce. We have several customers who time their yearly summer apple-picking visit to line up with their peak, likely for that very reason. … Keep Reading

An Apple in July?!

It’s true. When you think of apple picking, summer is probably not the season that comes to mind. Here’s the thing, though: apples start at the end of July or early August. If you reference our approximate harvest dates page, we grow several lesser known varieties that come and go well before the seasons change. Generally speaking, the time each apple is ready to harvest depends on what variety it is, which essentially boils down to that particular apple’s rate … Keep Reading

A little bit o’ heat, a whole lot o’ peach!

WOW, it’s hot outside! While this heat wave may put a damper on your plans to bask in the sun all weekend, we promise it’s not all bad news. In fact … it’s great news for a certain fuzzy fruit that you’ve been waiting all summer for. You probably know which fruit I’m referring to. Maybe it’s their adorably round heart shape, or their velvety soft skin, or maybe it’s their sunshine yellow flesh, but there are few fruits that … Keep Reading

Dress Up Your Salad For Summer

Who wants to turn on their oven during a summer heat wave?  Not us! Now, salad can get boring, but it definitely does not have to, especially not when July has gifted us with an abundance of early blueberries.  They’re practically falling off the bushes right now, begging to be picked and savored.  Big, plump blueberries add a burst of sweetness to any number of delicious summer salads. But the small, slightly tart blueberries found this early in July lend … Keep Reading

Current Picking Conditions

Current Picking Conditions 8/4: Now picking blueberries, sunflowers, and summer apples: Vista Bella, Lodi, and Yellow Transparent. Puritan apples will be ready this weekend, and Jersey Macs are coming up next. Call the farm for the most up-to-date information – things change hour-by-hour depending on our business levels and the weather. 978-895-9658. See you out there!

The Country Store

Our quaint Country Store is housed within the farm’s original 1700’s barn. The shelves are overflowing with unique New England finds, and we make many of our own farm favorites fresh in-house. We make our apple cider donuts year-round with a whole liter of pure Red Apple Farm cider in every batch. That, plus a generous cinnamon sugar coating, are what make these so addictive. We make ’em fresh on fall weekends and on weekdays year-round as needed. You might … Keep Reading

Fairs & Festivals

We host a number of fairs and festivals at the farm each year. They’re some of our busiest weekends! Each one promises an authentic family farm experience complete with unique, fun traditions to look forward to in the years to come, and then to look back on later. We hope you’ll join us! *Note: As of right now, all annual festivals are cancelled until it is safe to gather in large groups again, but we’re busy thinking of ways to … Keep Reading

Our Growing Practices

A Holistic Approach. Farming for the Next Generation. The UMass Fruit program is working collaboratively with apple growers to develop new IPM strategies that could potentially reducing pesticide use while balancing the ecological, social, and economic aspects of farming to move toward sustainability.

PYO Fruit

Pick-Your-Own Is Open for the 2020 Season! Make Your FREE Reservation: click here. Picking Hours:8am -6pm daily. (The store doesn’t open until 9am though). Safety Guidelines:* Please leave your containers at home – we unfortunately can’t allow any bring-your-own at this time.* Reservations are required.* The minimum quantity you can pick (for anyone ages 5 and up) is 1 pint, which costs $4.25. Don’t worry, we have larger sizes too!* Masks are required out in the field, and we’ll have … Keep Reading

Farm Shares

You love our fruit, and we want to offer it to you at the best possible value. By purchasing a Farm Share, you’re guaranteeing you will be the first to receive our most prized apple varieties and limited-quantity fruits , while also providing much needed financial support for our family farm during the off season. It’s a win-win! These are the approximate harvest periods for the fruit we typically offer each season: July: blueberries, early apples, local cherries, possibly raspberries … Keep Reading