A New Season; A New Perspective

A Walk Through the Past, or a Glimpse of the Future? Some of us have worked at the farm for 10.. 15… even 20+ years. Yet there’s always more to learn about this piece of land, which has history dating back to the 1700’s built into its stone walls, as well as new history being made each and every day through new additions to the soil. The beauty of a new season, as we witnessed this past weekend with the … Keep Reading

A Fall Snowfall

So is it currently winter or fall? Days like yesterday make it hard to tell. Boston saw nearly 5 inches of snow, shattering the previous October record of less than an inch in a day. It isn’t the first time we’ve seen snow in October, though. Here’s proof: a photo of our staff harvesting apples wearing snow boots, circa that historic winter of 2011. Between the snow yesterday, and the end of daylight savings time tomorrow, we’re all going to … Keep Reading

Enter Our Pumpkin Carving Contest!

For the first time, we’re holding a pumpkin carving contest here at the farm! Drop off your best jack-o-lantern by noon on Halloween Day. Our panel of judges will select the top 5 entries, which will each receive a $25 gift card to the farm! Here are the details: Creative, spooky, silly, and “farmy” entries encouraged!

Eat the Decor

We’re now halfway through October, and pumpkins have taken their rightful seats on the front porches, kitchen tables, mantle places, and lawns of homes all over town. You’ve got your classic “Jack-o-Lantern” pumpkins, comparative giants next to “mini” pumpkins. Both are decorative cultivars whose sole missions in life are to breathe “fall charm” into the world. Their quirkiness, and in some cases downright ugliness (in the ugly-adorable sort of way), makes them endearing. So endearing, in fact, that every year, … Keep Reading

The Big Three

Google “Big Three Apples” if you want to read about rivalries between Apple, Microsoft, and Google. But here on the farm at least, “Big Three Apples” refers to our three most prized pick-your-own varieties: McIntosh, Cortland, and Macoun. If we’re lucky, for a couple magical weekends each year, these apples ripen simultaneously. This happens to be one of those magical weekends! These three apple varieties have more in common than their popularity and their harvest dates. Genetically, McIntosh is a … Keep Reading

A Fresh Take on Apple Sauce

No matter where you look . . . whether in old cookbooks, or modern farm catalogues, or random pockets of the Internet … descriptions of apple varieties seem to always assign them to the same main categories: fresh eating, cider, pie, and sauce. Of these, sauce is the most overlooked. Apple sauce is often relegated to the kids’ section of the fridge, or reserved for a once-a-year fall cooking project. But it shouldn’t be! We’re here to tell you that … Keep Reading

Red Haven Heaven

Think of a perfect peach: It’s relatively small and perfectly round; its opaque yellow flesh enrobed in velvet skin. This is very likely to be a Red Haven peach. We started harvesting our Red Haven peaches on the farm last week, and are now in somewhat of a Red Haven heaven! Typically we’d advise you to wait for a peach to soften before diving in for a bite, but with Red Havens, ripe fruits remain firm to the touch. Just … Keep Reading

Summer Apples, Fall Flavor

What do all the apples below in common? They’re all the same variety! Williams’ Pride. Also, they all taste like fall. These stunning apples turn a deep, purple-tinted shade of red when ripe. Like all summer apples, their season is fleeting. Luckily, however, Williams’ Pride apples ripen successively on the tree rather than all at once, extending their harvest period slightly. That’s why you’re likely to find a range of differently sized and hued apples on the branches right now, … Keep Reading