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Membership entitles a person to come and pick whenever they want until they reach the limit of the CROP SHARE. Just remember early picking requires a bit of effort. If you want easy picking wait a few weeks until we have a bumper crop. Blueberry Crop Share customers still need to make reservations and check in at the farm store before picking. You will get nice new containers each time.

Blueberry Crop Share membership : $100 INCLUDES 6 flats, 24 quarts or 48 pints of blueberries picked by the customer OVER A PERIOD OF TIME. This package does not include prepicked berries in the store.

Blueberry and Apple Membership: $150 includes the single membership and 1 bushel of summer apples. We grow 9 varieties of summer apples. If you break a bushel down into 1/2 pecks you can try 8 of the summer apples. This is for PICK YOUR OWN only. Apples prepicked and in the store are not part of the program.

There are no refunds due to summer heat, poor picking conditions, lack of time on customers' part to pick.

Season runs July 4th - September 1st.

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