Farm Shares

You love our fruit, and we want to offer it to you at the best possible value. By purchasing a Farm Share, you’re guaranteeing you will be the first to receive our most prized apple varieties and limited-quantity fruits , while also providing much needed financial support for our family farm during the off season. It’s a win-win! These are the approximate harvest periods for the fruit we typically offer each season: July: blueberries, early apples, local cherries, possibly raspberries … Keep Reading

Reflections on Juneteenth 2020

It’s obvious at this point that 2020 will be a year for the history books. As much as the future is our main focus in everything we prioritize at the farm, the past has shaped our landscape both literally and figuratively. So we decided to do a little digging into history, to learn more about how racial justice intersects with our own mission here at Red Apple Farm. We can by no means take credit for leading the movements, such … Keep Reading

What We Grow

We grow apples, peaches, pears, pumpkins, gourds, potatoes, winter squash, blueberries, raspberries, popping corn, Indian corn, and sunflowers. We grow over 50 unique types of apples. Did you know … apples have two parents, just like humans! They’re cross-pollinated, which means that the tree that grows from any given seed will have DNA from the “mother variety” (the same as the apple from which the seed came), and the “pollen parent.” Some apples have known origins, some are intentionally bred, … Keep Reading


Red Apple Farm Through the Years Farm Videos Thousand Acre Swamp, Phillipston, MA from Paul Rezendes on Vimeo. Follow us on social media to see more awesome farm photos!

Our Story

The Rose Family has welcomed family, friends, and guests to experience the authentic charm of our apple farm for four generations. Our environmentally responsible orchard care reflects the deep commitment we feel to the health of both the people and the land. We love our 18th-century buildings and fieldstone walls, and we are proud that a wind turbine stands shoulder-to-shoulder with 100-year-old apple trees. We strongly believe that the care and the love that we put into our farm is … Keep Reading

Lessons from Nature in New England

New England: It’s a central part of our identity as an apple orchard nestled in the hills of North Central Massachusetts. If you grew up in the region, it’s likely a huge part of your identity too, your childhood memories and lingering nostalgia inextricable from its four distinct seasons.  At least once in your life, you’ve probably lamented the long winter and threatened to pack up and move to the west coast.  These threats are always empty, though. Year after … Keep Reading

The Taprooms at the Farm

Summer meets fall thanks to a collaboration with our friends and neighbors at Moon Hill Brewing Co.  Our post and beam Country Barn transformed into the Brew Barn serving up our own Red Apple Farm hard cider, local brews, fresh roasted nuts, and popped-on-the-spot popcorn along with your farm favorites.  A day at the Brew Barn often includes live music, outdoor picnic tables where you can have food from our BBQ delivered straight to you, old fashioned family fun, and … Keep Reading

Apple Picking Times of the Past

With apple season coming into full swing this year its great to take a moment and look back at past apple seasons.  Thanks to Mrs. Nancy MacEwan, our friend and neighbor, we recently acquired a 1968 article featuring a picture of her picking and sorting apples.  Here’s an excerpt from Worcester’s The Evening Gazette that I hope you enjoy reading as much as we do: Apple Farm to Hold Annual Open House By Steven Preston, The Evening Gazette, Thursday, October … Keep Reading