Our Story

The Rose Family has welcomed family, friends, and guests to experience the authentic charm of our apple farm for four generations.

Red Apple Farm was founded in 1912. Carolyn and A. Spaulding Rose (right) purchased the farm in 1929, and it has remained in the Rose family since! The current owners are Al and Nancy Rose, who live in the 1700’s farmhouse.

The 1700’s Farmhouse

Pictured left, three generations of Roses are standing inside the Boston Public Market after it first opened in 2015.

Our newest locations at the Boston Public Market and Wachusett Mountain ski area have allowed us to keep the farm running all year round, so you can enjoy a taste of fall in New England, no matter what season it is. Now, you can shop online to have your favorite farm fare delivered straight to your doorstep!

Red Apple Farm has become a must-stop pick-your-own summer and fall destination with diverse fruit offerings, and now the “Brew Barn” featuring local brews and our very own hard cider.

As we grow and adapt, our mission remains the same. We invite you to visit the farm and become a part of Red Apple Farm’s history, and make Red Apple Farm a part of your family’s tradition as well.

Fun Facts About Red Apple Farm:

  • We are home to the oldest commercially planted McIntosh apple tree. It was planted in 1912 and still produces fruit over a hundred years later.
  • Red Apple Farm was founded in 1912 – the same year as Oreo, Fenway Park, LL Bean, and the Girl Scouts! We grow over 50 varieties of apples!
  • The orchard is situated at 1,250 foot elevation, which makes our apples extra crisp and colorful. We’re the highest elevation orchard in New England!
  • We practice farm sustainability through our growing practices – using integrated pest management (IPM), as well as through our business practices (using a wind turbine and solar panels for energy).
  • The farm’s scenic and historic landscape includes stone walls, fields, and maple trees.
  • Our 1700’s farmhouse and barn pre-date the founding of our nation!
  • Our tag line is “Your Family Farm,” which guides the connections we foster among customers, employees, and the community around us.
  • Family farms are small scale agriculture at its best. Decisions and actions are made to keep the farm viable, sustainable, and relevant for current and future generations.
The Red Apple Farm Centennial Mac
watercolor by Joe Smith.

Dedicated to creating family traditions and memories, we aim to preserve the nostalgia of the farm’s idyllic setting while embracing the progress that empowers us to stay sustainable and relevant.

Our environmentally responsible orchard care reflects the deep commitment we feel to the health of both the people and the land. We love our 18th-century buildings and fieldstone walls, and we are proud that a wind turbine stands shoulder-to-shoulder with 100-year-old apple trees.

We Are Farmily!

Our staff is 100% local. We are committed to supporting our community through equal employment opportunity. Every dollar spent at the farm directly impacts our extended community. Interested in joining our farmily? Employee Application

Thanks From the Rose Family!

We strongly believe that the care and the love that we put into our farm is returned to us and those who visit, in the form of delicious tastes, beautiful sites, and lasting memories. Through environmentally-responsible practices, we hope to pass this tradition on to our family and yours.

Thank you for your support,