Share in the Harvest

You love our fruit, and we want to offer it to you at the best possible value. By purchasing a Farm Share, you’re guaranteeing you will be the first to receive our most prized apple varieties and limited-quantity fruits , while also providing much needed financial support for our family farm during the off season. It’s a win-win!

These are the approximate harvest periods for the fruit we typically offer each season:

  • July: blueberries, early apples, local cherries, possibly raspberries
  • August: early apples, blueberries, peaches, sunflowers, local plums and nectarines
  • September: apples, gourds, Indian corn, popcorn, potatoes, sunflowers, pumpkins
  • October: apples, pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, popcorn, potatoes, winter squash
  • November: apples, local cranberries, potatoes

Sold out of farm shares for 2020 – check back in the new year!

Now offering bulk pick-your-own deals on specific crops throughout the growing season for regulars.

See what we’re currently offering below!

Membership entitles a person to come and pick whenever they want until they reach the limit of the CROP SHARE. We will need all Blueberry Crop Share customers to check in at the farm store and get new containers each time.

** Please save your order number at checkout – we’ll use it to keep track of your membership.

Blueberry Crop Share membership : $100 INCLUDES: 6 flats, 24 quarts or 48 pints of blueberries picked by the customer OVER A PERIOD OF TIME from July to September 1st. In order for there to be enough to go around, it’s impossible to pick this much all at once. Rather, the beauty of the Crop Share membership is that you get to come back to the farm over and over for quality time picking your own blueberries over the course of the 2 month membership! Maybe make it a twice a week excursion – if you end up maxing out on the limit of 48 pints, you will save over $100, as pints usually cost $4.25 each.

This package does NOT include pre-picked berries in the store.

Blueberry and Apple Membership: $150 includes the entire single membership as described above, plus 1 bushel of summer apples. We grow 9 varieties of summer apples. If you break a bushel down into 1/2 pecks you can try 8 of the summer apples. Again, this is for PICK YOUR OWN only. Apples pre-picked and in the store are not part of the program.

There are no refunds due to summer heat, poor picking conditions, lack of time on customers’ part to pick. Any specials we run on picking throughout the season are separate from the crop share (the crop share will always be the BEST deal if you are going to pick regularly throughout the season).

Season runs July – September 1st.

Fruit Only Farm Share | July 12th through Thanksgiving week.

  • Runs for 20 weeks total, beginning the week of July 12th – July 18th, running through the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Each pickup includes $20-25 worth of fresh, seasonal fruit!For apples, that would be about 8 lbs, but weights will vary depending on the type of fruit we’re currently harvesting.
  • Provide your email when you make your purchase to receive an email with a description of each fruit variety in your share, as well as a recipe idea!
  • Pick-up only. When you select your pickup date, all future pickups will also occur on that day of the week unless you contact us to let us know you’re coming on a different day.
  • Averages to $18/pickup for weekly, $19/pickup for biweekly, or $20/pickup for monthly.
  • All Farm Share customers receive 10% off in the farm store for the entire length of the CSA.

Family Farm Share | 20 weeks from July 12th – Thanksgiving week

The details:

  • Each pickup includes 1 package of donuts, 1 tub of peanut butter, 5lbs seasonal apples, and one add on (will be sunflowers, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, pumpkin, cranberries, or a jar of preserves depending on availability)
  • Pick-up only. When you select your pickup date, all future pickups will also occur on that day of the week unless you contact us to let us know you’re coming on a different day.
  • You choose between weekly, biweekly, or monthly pickups, depending on how much fruit you go through.Averages to $28/pickup for weekly, $29/pickup for biweekly, or $30/pickup for monthly.
  • $32-35 retail value in each pickup. A great deal!
  • All Farm Share customers get 10% off at the farm store for the length of the CSA.