Red Haven Heaven

Think of a perfect peach: It’s relatively small and perfectly round; its opaque yellow flesh enrobed in velvet skin. This is very likely to be a Red Haven peach. We started harvesting our Red Haven peaches on the farm last week, and are now in somewhat of a Red Haven heaven! Typically we’d advise you to wait for a peach to soften before diving in for a bite, but with Red Havens, ripe fruits remain firm to the touch. Just … Keep Reading

A little bit o’ heat, a whole lot o’ peach!

WOW, it’s hot outside! While this heat wave may put a damper on your plans to bask in the sun all weekend, we promise it’s not all bad news. In fact … it’s great news for a certain fuzzy fruit that you’ve been waiting all summer for. You probably know which fruit I’m referring to. Maybe it’s their adorably round heart shape, or their velvety soft skin, or maybe it’s their sunshine yellow flesh, but there are few fruits that … Keep Reading

Dress Up Your Salad For Summer

Who wants to turn on their oven during a summer heat wave?  Not us! Now, salad can get boring, but it definitely does not have to, especially not when July has gifted us with an abundance of early blueberries.  They’re practically falling off the bushes right now, begging to be picked and savored.  Big, plump blueberries add a burst of sweetness to any number of delicious summer salads. But the small, slightly tart blueberries found this early in July lend … Keep Reading