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Apple Picking Times of the Past

With apple season coming into full swing this year its great to take a moment and look back at past apple seasons.  Thanks to Mrs. Nancy MacEwan, our friend and neighbor, we recently acquired a 1968 article featuring a picture of her picking and sorting apples.  Here’s an excerpt from Worcester’s The Evening Gazette that I hope you enjoy reading as much as we do:


Apple Farm to Hold Annual Open House

By Steven Preston, The Evening Gazette, Thursday, October 10, 1968

Phillipston – There is a lull in the whirlwind which each fall hits the Red Apple Farm on Highland Avenue at harvest time.   The “Macs” have been stripped from the trees and put in cold storage or distributed to retail outlets.  Apple Picking activity will soon be in full swing again as winter apples, such as Northern Spies, ripen with the first frosts of the year.

Open House Sunday

To observe this annual rite of gathering the richness of fruit from the trees, Mr. and Mrs. A. Spaulding Rose, owners of the Red Apple Farm, will hold their seventh annual open house from 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday.  This year for the first time, the Apple Queen of the Massachusetts Fruit Growers Association will attend the open house, arriving at 3:30.  She is Miss Mary Dowse of Sherborn.  Rose, 62, who has been growing apple since 1929, estimates the crop this year at 8,000 to 10,000 bushels – about 85 per cent of last year’s bumper crop.  However, he says, they are better quality because of early summer rains. (more…)

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The Saga of Red Apple Farm

The following is the beginning of a memoir written by Carolyn Rose. My father-in-law found it recently and passed it along to me. I have typed it directly from her manuscript that was written on blank ‘Welcome Wagon’ hostess forms. Additionally, we estimate this picture of her, taken in her very modern kitchen for a USDA article, dates from the late 1930’s. We hope you enjoy the glimpse into the past as much as we have.
-Nancy Rose
Carolyn Rose

Carolyn Rose

The Saga of Red Apple Farm
By Carolyn Chaffin Rose

In the beginning was the house – and the orchard. He said, “I’ve found a farm and orchard that I like, will you come to see the house?” We drove to a small town in northern Worcester County, down a narrow dirt road lined with huge old maples and there was the house.


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The Saga of Red Apple Farm

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